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Producing results is what we are committed to and our clinic is a place where young minds learn, share, laugh, and grow.  We rely on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in providing services that helps to enrich the lives of those we serve by increasing skills and reducing behaviors that interfere with the success of your child.  Services are provided to those diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a community that supports enriching the lives of children with disabilities and their families as they walk through life.
Our Mission
Our mission is a commitment in providing children with disabilities and their families "effective" tools, resources, and supports needed to produce a positive long lasting impact in their lives.
What is ABA?

The technical definition of applied behavior analysis (ABA)  is a scientific approach for discovering environmental variables that reliably influence socially significant behavior and for developing a technology of behavior change that takes advantage of those discoveries.

Basically, ABA is about results.  It is centered around cause and effect.  It looks at what happens right before the behavior occurs and what happens right after it occurs. This information is used to determine why a person do what they do and treatment is developed from there.

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Cooper, Heron, and Heward (2014) Applied Behavior Analysis.